Take your idea and make it come to life with my Passion to Profit and Onto Debt-Free workbook. This step-by-step workbook will help you launch your business and show you how to use your earnings to further your financial goals.

This workbook includes templates and spreadsheets to help you launch your biz. With five phases, this workbook will help you start to finish when it comes to turning that passion inside you into profit in your bank account.

Phase 1: Find your passion and make your idea come to life.

Phase 2: Biz structure

-Income, Expense, & Taxes Tracker

Phase 3: How to use your business to pay off debt & create a budget

-Budget Template

Phase 4: Packages & Pricing & Systems

-Lead Generation Tracker

Phase 5: Marketing your business like the pro you are & launch your biz

-Portfolio Template

-Sample Social Media Calendar